STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE BEAUTIFUL Received Starred Review From Booklist!

Booklist, October 15, 2018

Six stories meld perfectly together into one complex, eerily plausible narrative in Dayton's newest novel.The book thoroughly integrates scientific advancements of the present and explores the achievements—and horrors—possible in the future if these advancements are built upon. In this sci-fi world, humans are obsessed with perfection and becoming more of everything: stronger, faster, more intelligent, longer-lived, more beautiful, more resilient. Dayton allows humanity to accomplish such feats in her collection of stories, but the results aren’t the picture-perfect image most would imagine. Just as the pursuit of power can lead to malfeasance, the pursuit of perfection can foster corruption. Dhonielle Clayton explores similar themes in her fantasy novel The Belles (2018), looking at the importance of perfection through the lens of beauty in a world where people have unchecked means of remaking their physical selves. Dayton takes this a step further as she paints a gut-wrenching future where people use unlimited power to alter literally any and everything about themselves. This speculative, thought provoking novel will take readers on a frightening, remarkable journey through humanity’s past, present, and possible future.

— Enishia Davenport

erin johnston