My Desk Tour


My Desk Tour

It was time for a new desk tour - new book, new desk! See all of the current items taking up the space on my desk currently!

1. A dictionary from the 1800’s - I love the clear, well phrased definitions in this one

2. Noise cancelling headphones, a must

3. Books I’m reading for stories

4. The NY Times crossword—An addiction. I’m trying to cut back.

5. Inspiration Images for Strong, Faster and More Beautiful

6. Plastic animals, for companionship

7. My laptop case

8. Always need tea when writing – this is rooibos with cream

9. An important message to myself in a small notepad which reads “Turn off the Internet. Be free!”

10. Index cards from story outlining

11. Lily's chocolate for life

12. A pre-pub copy of Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful

13. Working on my next novel edits!!!!

Arwen Dayton