Resurrection Accolades + Announcements

Resurrection hits #1 on Kindle Historical Fantasy Bestseller List


Resurrection at #10 in Hot New Releases today


Resurrection hits #1 in Sci-Fi and #1 in Fantasy

Very, very excited to see that Resurrection just hit #1 in Sci-Fi and #1 in Fantasy in Amazon’s kindle store. My publisher told me there are something like 900,000 titles being sold in the kindle store, so being #1 in those two categories is a big deal!

I keep nerding out and looking at the book in the rankings. In fantasy, Resurrection is situated alongside numerous George RR Martin titles. I’m thrilled to be in that company.


Resurrection #1 in Sci-Fi in UK kindle store…


In the UK, Resurrection at #1 on Amazon’s Sci-Fi list for over a week

Resurrection has been at the top of the Sci-Fi list on Amazon UK for over a week. Very excited about the response to the book…


Resurrection unseats two Hunger Games books to reach #2 in entire Kindle store

I have to admit I had my fingers cross to hit the #1 spot, but I’m still happy with where things ended up yesterday…


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