Scottish castles for Seeker

In Seeker, on the Scottish estate, lie the ruins of a very old castle. Finding ruined castles in Scotland is pretty easy — they’re practically lying around everywhere you look.

I visited two castles in particular that looked a lot like the ruins on the estate.

This one is Kilchurn Castle, which sits at the Northeastern tip of Loch Awe.

I wanted to bring home video of what it’s like to move around in these ruins, because that’s something Quin probably did all the time when she was a kid, and it’s something the Young Dread still does. I bought a head-mount for my GoPro and got a lot of funny looks when I strapped the camera to my head and ran around inside the castle ruins. It was pretty embarrassing at first, but luckily there weren’t too many people around, and the sheep didn’t really notice.

The second castle was Finlarig Castle, which is small and pretty thoroughly ruined, and looks almost exactly how I imagine the ruins in the book. And also the castle seems to be dripping the green life of Scotland out of every stone

Here’s a clip of the video I took at Finlarig Castle. I sort of imagine the hands in the image belong to the Young Dread.

(still photos on this page courtesy of Jennifer Anderson.)

erin johnston