Visiting Hong Kong for Seeker

Seeker starts out in Scotland, but a lot of the book takes place in Hong Kong. I love Scotland for its isolation and sense of timelessness, and I love Hong Kong for being the complete opposite of Scotland in almost every conceivable way.

There’s something about the contrast between Scotland and Hong Kong, a sort of friction I guess, that made the story come alive in my mind. From the first moment I stepped off the plane on my first trip to Hong Kong, I started to see parts of the story that would become Seeker.


The center of everything is the Victoria Harbor, which divides the city between Kowloon on the mainland and Hong Kong Island. And all the action in Seeker is also in and around the harbor.


At one point I got into a tiny speedboat and we explored the harbor up close and personal. There are a few parts in Seeker where characters end up in the water. I wasn’t willing to go quite that far…

And then there are all the creepy crawly things that come out of the water and are actually delicious. The more legs, the better

erin johnston